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Cumberland County Christian School helped my daughter when I believed she was going to fail in public school. Since the 3rd grade she had been struggling and had been literally pushed from one grade level to the next, her end of grade testing scores were low; she had difficulty in Math and reading. No one in public school seemed to care enough to help her. She would come home crying every night just trying to struggle through her homework. Then I heard about Cumberland County Christian School, formerly known as County Christian School and all I can say is WOW! My daughter’s grades have soared. She is a completely different student and child. She has been here since 6th grade and now she is in high school. She has thrived! She is provided help and tutoring, she is given the one on one attention she has needed, now my child who once couldn’t multiply is now excelling in High School Algrbra ! Dr. Jessica Respus and Mrs Leggett, Mrs Kelly , and Mrs Mayfield are fabulous! They have given my child the confidence, and support that she has needed in herself, and telling her she can do anything! My now straight A High schooler , has more self confidence in her abilities academically and who she is as a person! All of this would have never happened in public school because the teachers and staff do not have the time nor ability to provide quality time to the children with such large class sizes. On top of all of this ~ my daughter is learning, self worth, and how to help others excel, so she now has the ability to help others! All I can say is ~ there is no other School in Cumberland County that can provide what my daughter has had and been able to achieve in the 5 years she has been with this school! If your child is struggling, needs more attention academically, or is just so frustrated with class size and no help -I promise You this is the school for you! Reach out to Dr Jessica Respus, or any of the staff here, they are warm, welcoming, inviting …. everyone here is treated equally no matter what your background, and every child is provided to opportunity to strive to excellence and achieve their goals !

Sincerely, Audrey Herring


My son was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 5. During that time, the private school he attended was not structured to meet his specific educational and emotional needs. I enrolled him in an awesome public school via the Choice Program, but when it was time for my son to attend middle school I could not find a public school that could meet our standards for certain accommodations. As a result, I moved my son to Cumberland County Christian School (CCCS). The educators at CCCS challenge my son every single day and provide detailed feedback on his progress. It was a difficult decision to remove him from the public school sector where most of his friends were and enroll him in a private school, but the return on investment has been phenomenal. He loves subjects that he had issues with in the past, has made a lot of new friends, and his focus at CCCS is learning rather than socializing (although there’s still plenty of that too lol)! The staff at CCCS care deeply and are passionate about educational and social success of all their students. They provide a loving, stable, and fun environment where my son is thriving and I give CCCS my highest recommendation. My only regret is that I didn’t enroll him sooner!

Sincerely, Kris Ryce


Cumberland County Christian School provides an accepting and encouraging environment allowing our child to become more willing to move outside his comfort zone and explore new educational and social opportunities with an increasing confidence! After meeting Dr. Respus and teaching staff of Cumberland County Christian School, as parents we experienced a renewed hope! With the knowledge the staff approaches students as individuals by providing individualized attention to their specific academic, social, and spiritual needs, we were confident Cumberland County Christian School was the perfect school for our child. Now, with an educational plan addressed to his specific needs and goals, he has experienced a new willingness and interest in learning. The all-inclusive specialized program, along with the compassionate, loving support of others, has helped him gain confidence, improve his grades, and increase in his self-esteem. Cumberland County Christian School is an outstanding school and we applaud Dr. Respus and the teaching staff for their consistent hard work and dedication to all of the students.

Sincerely, Mabe Family


WOW, how to write what Cumberland County Christian School has done for my family and my son Khalil Storm. We have been involved with CCCS since 2011. It all started when I was deployed and was speaking with my mother about what to do with him for summer. We didn’t know what to do knowing that the cost where outrageous for camps, well so I thought. I then received an email from CCCS the prices were very affordable. Mrs. & Mr. Respus have been there since day one in and out of school. When going to CCCS it is not just a Christian school it is a family. Your children become all staffs children whether in school or out. My son has his special needs and routine due to his medical background, but was that hindering to CCCS? Um, No it wasn’t not even with all the changes and trials we have had to do. When a program came out to help me pay the cost, guess what Mrs. Jessica was on it and let all her parents know and kept us up to date more then what NC themselves did or do. This community or family that my family and I call it is the best, safest, loving, and most glorious place I have ever been and continue to have my son attend. LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL. Thank you Mrs. & Mr. Respus and Cumberland County Christian School.

Sincerely, Gerrah Van Oers


Cumberland County Christian School has been a blessing for my family and I. Our family lives in South Carolina and that gives us little family support in North Carolina when it came to anyone caring for our children. CCCS has taught me that I can trust people other than close family to care and love my son. My youngest son has been in different in home daycares and daycare facilities throughout the five years of his life. I was told that he was mentally abused at an in home daycare that I trusted to care for him why I tried to work. I don’t know if he was physically abused because my son could not talk at the time, but the way he acted when exposed to strangers convinced me that there had to be physical abuse present.

Sincerely, Quantina Long (Jabriel’s Mom)

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