Student Spotlight: Shamya Mckoy

Shamya Mckoy is an outstanding embodiment of what the Cumberland County Christian School stands for, achieving the remarkable feat of being the first student to matriculate during our inception in 2011 and graduate in 2023. I have had the joy as Principal of watching her over the last 11 years blossom from a shy, eager kindergartener into a poised and confident young adult. Throughout this time, Shamya has contributed significantly to our school as a member of our Student Government Association (SGA). She has served in various leadership roles including Vice President and Secretary which speak volumes about her natural capabilities. Humility is also one of her admirable qualities, complimenting her strong analytical skills. Whether it’s academically or socially, Shamya keeps impressing me with how she consistently reaches high levels of achievement by pushing herself with dedication and great effort all while being mindful of others.