Special Needs Program

Special Education in Cumberland County Christian School

A New Age of Learning

S.T.R.I.V.E. Structure Teaching Reinforced in a Visual Environment

Our founder Dr. Respus noticed a trend where private schools were rejecting students with IEPs after several years of school ownership. She founded STRIVE, one of the few special need’s programs in the state, out of a passion for educating students and providing opportunities for them. This program is fully covered by the Educational Savings Account (ESA+) formally known as “Disability Grant” and is exclusively for students with mild to moderate special needs who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Our STRIVE program provides students with an inclusion setting, in which they work alongside both general education teachers and special education facilitators. This arrangement allows for a more comprehensive forum as all stakeholders are able to collaborate. The curriculum for STRIVE students is highly structured, with a focus on IEP goals. This helps to ensure that students make progress in their understanding and skills. When a student has developed understanding of an approach, they are encouraged to demonstrate this in their independent work. This allows them to further practice and familiarize themselves with the concept, ultimately strengthening their understanding and mastery of the material. As a result, the STRIVE program provides students with an effective way to learn and grow.

Increasing Engagement and Independence through Visual Support

To increase engagement and independence, visual support is included in classroom activities. As well as developing communication and language skills, students will gain knowledge about academics, sensory integration, social skills, and adjusting to life in the community. The student has time to process the end of one activity and prepare for the next during a meaningful transition between activities.

Following the specifications within the IEP, our STRIVE students receives an highly structured curriculum that emphasizes their skills. This is delivered through inclusion classroom sessions utilizing a co-teaching approach with the Special Needs Facilitator, and the classroom teacher offering individual, group, and hands on learning.

Our STRIVE students are provided with a highly structured, individualized curriculum that is focused on skills and is provided following the specifications within the IEP. This is delivered through private teaching sessions with the Special Needs Facilitator, offering predictable and meaningful routines. When a student has developed an understanding of an approach, they are encouraged to demonstrate this in their independent work, further practicing and familiarizing themselves with the concept.

In-House EC Department

We provide a wide variety of empirically-supported interventions to help students with learning deficits. Our interventions are based on the latest research and are designed to help students overcome their challenges and succeed in school. We offer a variety of services, including individualized instruction, small-group instruction, and intensive interventions for students who need extra support. We also offer a variety of resources for parents and caregivers, so they can support their child’s learning at home. Our goal is to help all students reach their full potential.

Having our own EC department also enables CCCS to:

Take a greater role in the Child Find process. This will enable us to identify all students in our school whose parents wish them to qualify for ESA+ and EC services.
Lead all LEA-related activities involving the EC.
Reduce the student-to-teacher ratio with additional EC staff

Accelerated Model of Tutoring

In our special needs program, MTSS wraparound service delivery, RTI (response to intervention) assessment strategies, and inclusion instruction strategies are implemented. In addition, it utilizes an Acceleration Model of tutoring that prioritizes progress rather than IEP goals or deficiencies in skills that may only have an indirect impact on a student’s performance.

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