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Special Needs Program (S.T.R.I.V.E

STRIVE is an initiative designed to accommodate children with special needs and provide them with opportunities to grow, learn, and become independent by connecting them with a team of experts who can provide real support to them. Under this program, we provide highly structured, individualized curriculums that focus on the students’ skills and follow the specifications of the Individualized Education Plan. This is delivered through private teaching sessions with the Special Needs Facilitator, providing predictable and meaningful routines.

Engaged Learning and Academics

CCCS partners with North Carolina families to integrate whole-person learning. Our extensive programs are geared toward developing well-rounded students and balancing academic excellence with emotional intelligence, and we view them as opportunities for shaping future generations. From kindergarten through 12th grade, we have cultivated industry-leading educational programs and a welcoming institution where growth is encouraged, school is a safe place, and passionate, empathetic teachers are the norm, not a luxury.

Our comprehensive curriculum covers English, Mathematics, Science, Literature, Social Studies, and Spanish, with enrichment courses in Art, AVID, Religion, and Health. Our incredible teachers are the foundation of our community; using their expansive skill set to build confident, compassionate young people, our teachers are hand-vetted for their commitment, passion, and caring nature. For your child’s holistic development -intellectually, spiritually, and personally -our teachers go beyond the status quo.

Financial Aid

Students from Kindergarten through 12th grade have access to three school choice programs in North Carolina. A participating private school can receive tuition and fees covered by the Opportunity Scholarship, and Education Savings Account (ESA+).

Credit Recovery Program

With a virtual, highly engaging curriculum, Cumberland County Christian School Credit Recovery Program supports each student’s unique strengths and interests. Students who failed to obtain course credit may retake a course to earn credit toward graduation through Cumberland County Christian School’s Independent Study Credit Recovery Program.

This service offers:

A flexible schedule for Credit Recovery courses
Credit recovery for students to earn credit based on content standards and competency
The students’ demonstration of their mastery of state standards before receiving a grade
Core courses and electives that can be taken by students as part of the Credit Recovery Program which is required for graduation from a North Carolina high school.

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