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Welcome to Cumberland County Christian School

A New Age of Learning
In 2011, former public school teacher Dr. Jessica Respus established Cumberland County Christian School with the focus of partnering with families and educatingthe whole person to glorify God. Cumberland County Christian School believes that education is not simply about academic achievement, but about helping students grow in all areas of their lives. CCCS offers a variety of programs and services that support the spiritual, physical, and intellectual growth of its students. Through its partnership with families, CCCS seeks to create an environment in which students can thrive and reach their full potential.
Cumberland County Christian School

Quality Academic and Christian Education

At Cumberland County Christian School, we are committed to offering Christ-centric education aligned with high-quality academic curriculum. We believe that one’s path to success and greatness is not dependent on worldly knowledge alone, but should be rooted in the strong faith and belief in God’s words. By providing this balance, we are preparing our students to be able to face our ever-changing world with hope, strength, and knowledge.

As well as providing quality education, CCCS offers the following advantages:

Developing an intelligent and personal commitment to God
Studying God’s infallible word
Each student receives individualized attention
Developing a keen sense of morality in personal and public matters

Our Mission Statement

We, work together with parents and the local community to empower students to develop their gifts and talents within a Christian worldview. By providing, an academic curriculum that enables students to act as transforming agents in the world around them. To create a caring, culturally diverse community where students can thrive and reach their fullest potential.

Our Core Values

As we pursue Christ’s character, we will:

Seek the truth
Give back to others
Be a part of the community
Show compassion
Create a culture of responsibility and mutual respect
Aim for excellence

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